Six star facilities

Olderfleet’s luxurious on-site amenity makes worklife easier. The architect-designed end-of-trip facilities are located on level PO, with multiple access points. Internal lifts are available from the ground floor or for anyone using wheels direct ramp access is available from Flinders Lane – ensuring a smooth transition for anyone on a bike or pushing a pram.

The facilities include extensive bike parking, easy lockers available for daily or weekly use, a premium towel service, showers, hair straighteners, premium toiletries, grooming and make up benches and two drying rooms.

The end-of-trip facilities are available 24/7, however, access outside of business hours for the end-of-trip facilities, bike parks (and car park) requires an access pass and/or Bluetooth digital access.

Lockers are allocated on a weekly basis on a first come first served basis, via a simple-to-use automated system. Present an Olderfleet employee access pass or Bluetooth digital access to the terminal within the locker area, if a locker is available the terminal will direct you to the relevant numbered locker for individual use.



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Bike Spaces

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Drying Rooms