Technology & Innovation

Mirvac has invested significantly in an innovation fund dedicated to exploring new technologies. Data collection is increasingly important to companies like Deloitte, so the building incorporates a network of sophisticated sensors, enabling us to measure factors like occupancy, temperature, light and CO2, and optimise operations in response. The building also includes a fibre-optic backbone and diverse riser to accommodate future technology needs.

The technological capacity of Olderfleet is without parallel, ensuring a high-performance ‘fabric’ of data infrastructure, smart building sensors and an operating platform for individual control and customisation of the workplace environment. 

  • Diverse Risers - multiple base building and tenancy risers to ensure availability of secure, diverse cabling pathways.
  • Generator Backup - base building essential services generator backup and space for tenant generators within nominated plant rooms.
  • Energy Monitoring - monitoring of all power, renewable energy sources, water, gas and waste
  • Wireless Overlay - seamless wireless coverage in building to support employee mobility.
  • Smart Lighting - enlightened smart lighting system selected and to be utilised throughout the building enabling cost savings, functional excellence, and enhanced tenancy management.
  • Access Floor - under floor power and data services accessible via outlets embedded in the raised access floor allowing occupants daily flexibility.
  • Telecommunications - capacity planning for multiple telecommunications carriers with diverse entry points into the building fed from multiple exchanges, achieving high degrees of availability and performance.
  • Offsite Fibre Links - capability to utilise existing secure building optical fibre to allow seamless dark fibre connectivity to offsite data centres.